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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Stitch Fix Experience

Have you heard about Stitch Fix? It's a personal styling service--your very own Rachel Zoe! You simply fill out some information (your Style Profile) about your body type, your type of style, your budget, favorite colors (the questions get pretty specific as they nail down your style). Then you get a FedEx package with an entire surprise outfit! What's the catch you ask? You do pay a $20 "styling fee" BUT that amount goes toward the purchase of anything you want to buy. Stitch Fix provides you a return FedEx envelope that you use to pop in whatever items you didn't like--postage paid for by them!

I was certain that my stylist wouldn't get it right but I gave it a try anyway. I actually loved every item I was sent! I was sent a pair of pants, a scarf, a short sleeved navy and white striped top, a V-neck sweater, and a coat. Though I loved the color and style of the pants, I think they were more appropriate for someone who has straight hips (aka No hips whatsoever) and zero butt. I returned the short sleeved, striped top as well because my stylist nailed it so well that I have about six of those in various sized stripes.

I did keep this cute scarf:

I love the cute scarf instruction card they included--for scarf-challenged individuals.

Here's a pic of my V-neck sweater. Looks cute with the scarf and coat (not in picture).

And the cute coat:

Here's me with the coat on:

Yup, Stitch Fix is kind of genius. It's one of those ideas that I wish I had thought of. After I returned my items, I filled out a quick survey stating that the skinny jeans were cute and technically fit on my body but certainly weren't flattering to my body type. I also adjusted my budget. The coat was $68, which I think is reasonable. The striped shirt I returned was $88, which isn't reasonable to me considering I could get one like it at Ann Taylor for $25. The scarf was $32, which might seem pricey but when I took into account that the color would go with most everything I own and the fact that it's been below 20 degrees here for weeks, I didn't mind. I wear it all the time. But they'll accommodate all budgets. If you are interested in trying to get your Stitch Fix on, would you click on this link? For every friend that tries my link I get $25 toward my next fix. I'd appreciate it! If you've tried Stitch Fix, what has been your experience?

My favorite part about it was being excited for the package to come and seeing if they'd get it right (it also helps to have a Pinterest page that they scan to get a better sense of you) and receiving items that I probably wouldn't have chosen for myself but discovering they were cute anyhow.


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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Diangonal Lace Scarf-FINISHED!

I finished knitting the Diagonal Lace Scarf (published in Churchmouse Yarns and Teas). You can find the pattern on Ravelry here. The beauty of this scarf is that you can either make the wrap version or the scarf. I made the wrap but you'll see that it also serves as a scarf. The pattern is only $5.

This is my new favorite scarf/shawl/cowl. It's wide enough to be a shawl but you can also scrunch it to be a wrap around scarf or cowl. I have it by my bedside and wrap it around myself while I drink my nightly tea. It really is perfect.

Yarn: Spud & Chloe, Shitake, Fine

Needle: Size 6 (4mm)--I always use Addi circulars

The below image is the wrap version.

Here is my version as a cowl. (Forgive me for the bad selfie--all I see is my eye wrinkles! I'll blame it on little sleep since I had interrupted sleep last night. :) )

Here is my wrap version:

I love this wrap so much, I will probably make another. The pattern is fairly easy once you get the hang of it. You can easily catch a mistake since the pattern is so repetitive.

Are you knitting more now that it's getting cooler out?


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Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mid-Town Trench---Finished!

I FINALLY finished the Mid-Town trench jacket from Indygo Junction that I've been slowly working on. See initial post. I'm quite pleased with the results but if I had to do it all over again, here are the lessons I've learned: 1. I love tweed. I think it is so classy but it is extremely thick and difficult to work with sometimes.

2. I opted out of putting buttons on this jacket for reason #1. Next time I'll choose a cute, thin cotton and then use the buttons I purchased.

3. Next time around I'll plan a liner for the jacket. Either that or I'll have invested in a serger. This coat is not very pretty on the inside. A fashion design student at CSU found it really cute so I'll put that in the win column. See how the wind flapped my jacket bottom and because I had no serger, it looks messy? The solution is for me to take the time to build in a liner. Look for that post sometime next year. Ha ha....

Now for the things I love about the Mid-Town Trench:

1. I love the cut and think it is a timeless classic cut. I chose tweed because I do think it is a classic cut and tweed works well with such a cut.

2. The collar is super cute. Takes me back to the Jackie-O days. I love her coats--every one of them.

3. The length is cute. The pattern actually calls for a longer jacket and you can tell by the pattern, their jackets sit at their knees. I'm not super tall so I opted to shorten it a bit.

4. I love the pleats in the back.


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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Peter Pan Collar Necklace Available in My Shop! Limited Supply Left!

Do you keep seeing Peter Pan collars everywhere too? My favorite Project Runway designer of all time is Kenley Collins--queen of the Peter Pan collars. Love her!

Most recently I've seen Peter Pan collar necklaces for sale at Forever 21. I own one myself and love it. Check out my Pinterest page devoted to Peter Pan collars. Here are a few of my faves:


Shop For Fun

So in my shop, I'm now selling Peter Pan Collar Lace Necklaces. They are cute when you want to look like you're wearing a collar but don't want to add all the bulk underneath, namely with a sweater. Or dress up a simple black dress with a collar like Kate Middleton did.

How cute is she in this coat with the Peter Pan collar?

And on the runway. Peter Pan collars are listed as a top runway trend for 2013:

How about Heidi Klum and Taylor Swift with their skin Peter Pan collars?

My necklaces are made of an embroidered lace (not itchy!) and have a antique bronze chain.

They look great on a t-shirt under a cardigan:

They are great under a coat:

I love them with a sweater!

Or if you want a more formal look with a light sweater:

So, get one quick because supplies are limited! Do you like the Peter Pan collar craze too?



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Monday, March 11, 2013

Midtown Trench

The weatherman predicted 8-14 inches of snow here this weekend. So, I hunkered down with a new sewing project. Turns out we got only an inch that melted by mid-morning.

I saw the Midtown Trench pattern by Indygo Junction at my local sewing shop and the owner had made the khaki-colored coat. It was soooo cute, I knew I had to make one. It looked very Jackie-O and I love that in a coat. I bought some tweed fabric for my coat.

So, I got to cutting....

Then to ironing.....

Then to working on the pleats......

I can't wait to show you the results really soon!


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Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Little Something for Myself

M ost things I make are for others. But this time I have something I am knitting for MYSELF. I have been eyes the Brigit Jacket in the Vintage Modern Knits book. On a recent trip to our cabin in Estes Park, I visited The Stithin' Den. I love starting a knitting project while sitting on the deck of our cabin! So far this is a simple and fast knit. I'll keep you updated!

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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Slouchy Cardigan

It only took me forever to knit this sweater but I FINISHED! The Slouchy Cardigan from the Greetings from the Knit Cafe book. If you ever plan to knit is sweater, make absolutely sure you Google the errata. I must have a first edition book because I had to frog and start over on the sleeves. I'm happy I finished it though. It is my new favorite sweater!

The images aren't the best (and were taken right before bedtime!) but you get an idea of the cardigan.

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Thursday, July 9, 2009

15-Minute Dress

I am not kidding. This dress took 15 minutes to make. I learned a lesson or two along the way but it was a quickie to make. You basically sew the top portion (you buy it already puckered at Jo-Ann's) into a tube, add some straps (I used binding), sew a bottom portion on and hem. Too easy! And she loves it, which is even better. She has worn it two days in a row. I need to make her another one. Forgive the poor quality of the pictures--it's hard to get an excited girl to stay still!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cute Peasant Dress

The weather here hasn't been very cooperative for taking pictures of Sophia in her new dress. And my little model isn't exactly ever in the mood. Oh well!

I used Sandi Henderson's Claire pattern. I think it came out so cute (the picture doesn't do this dress justice!). MiniMe is wearing an undershirt so it kind of detracts from the cute short sleeves. This pattern is SO easy. I am going to make her a couple more for summer minus the cute apron.

If you haven't had a look at Sandi's patterns, head on over. They're cute, easy, and Sandi is one of my favorite fabric designers ever! I wish I had used her fabric on the dress but I kind of hoarde it.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Finished Jacket for MiniMe

I FINALLY finished this little spring jacket for MiniMe. I think I started it the end of last summer and then got sidetracked (nothing new there!). I used a pattern and the fabric is from Sandi Henderson's Farmer's Market line. The yo-yo is also from her Ginger Blossom line. I am very happy with it. I did have to seam-rip one part of the pattern. But that was all my fault and me thinking I knew better than the directions. I was very humbled. And the arms are meant to be three-quarter sleeves. Not a mistake there!

I can post the brand and number of the pattern if you are interested. Or I can email it to you. It is down in my studio and I'm too lazy to go get it. :)

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