Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Another Wonderful Book

Lucky me for receiving all the books on my Christmas list this year. Yay! I mentioned one of my other books on my December 27 post. My other gift was Seams to Me by Anna Maria Horner. I spent much of Christmas morning curled up on a chair reading this book in my pjs while the kids played. Good times.

This book is perfect for, well, any sewer out there! The patterns are really beautifully laid out and are of things that you'd actually want to make and keep. I loved the detail she goes into in the beginning from tools that you must have to those that are less used but very helpful. I have always wanted a tool to help me turn tubed items inside out. You know what a pain that is? I didn't know there was a tool out there! I am keeping this book close by as a reference guide. It really is all enclusive and so informative. Aside from all the information, the pictures are wonderfully done. All of the fabric for the book was provided by PurlSoho. I've visited this incredible store and felt like a kid in the candy shop when I looked around at all the gorgeous fabric. It's no wonder the pictures are so beautiful when I read the fabric came from the store.

I am a faithful reader of Anna Maria's blog. I was one of the readers who read about the contest being held by the publisher for the release of the book. They gave you a month or so to enter a contest to win a fabulous sewing machine, fabric, and a signed copy of the book. I entered daily and faithfully. I was so sure I'd win. Sadly I didn't win but I ended up receiving the book for Christmas so all wasn't lost.

If you are contemplating purchasing this one, run my friends! Don't think about it anymore. It's well worth it!

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M.E. Greene said...

Lovely book review... I had been thinking about that one. And thanks for visiting my blog, as well!

Anonymous said...

I just purchased this book, AND "The Gentle Art of Domesticity!" Seems we are on the same wavelength. Both are awesome.

*emilie* said...

hi carolyn ! i just discovered you blog, it's lovely. guess what ? my mum gave me that book yesterday ! it really is nice, colorful, i can't wait to go through it all !