Monday, May 11, 2009

Saving the Selvages

Do you save your selvages? I've only recently started. I've followed the Selvage Blog for a while now. There are some crazy selvage stashes out there! I have a very little collection and most of my lengths are just fat quarters so I'm not sure I could do much. I save them with the hopes that I'll find the right project someday. Or sell them. The Selvage Skirt on the Selvage Blog is fun. I can't imagine wearing it or seeing someone wear it but it is a fun piece to stare at!

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Brianna said...

This is cool. Thanks for linking to the Selvage Blog. Still lovin' keeping up with you!

clare's craftroom said...

I should be more careful I sometimes use the selvages for staking plants . I love your spoonflower fabric !

v8_grrl said...

Why do I never think of this stuff?

So I start saving the selvages...and to think of all the cool ones I've tossed over the years!