Thursday, May 28, 2009

Yo-Yo Tutorial

Awhile back I mentioned how I found some yo-yo tools that make it easy for you to make them quickly. I received some questions and curiousity. So, here is a quick tutorial about how to make yo-yos using these tools. You can purchase the Yo-Yo makers at any Jo-Ann, Hobby Lobby, or Michael's. The brand I purchased is Clover. Here are the Yo-Yo makers in Large, Medium, and Small and the sizes of yo-yos they make respectively:

I'm going to make a medium yo-yo. First, you'll see that the disc comes apart.

You're going to find a small piece of fabric from your stash and place it between the discs with the right side facing the larger disc. You'll then snap the discs shut.

Notice how the fabric extends beyond the size of the disc. You'll want to cut the fabric around, allowing about 1/4" excess.

Now you begin sewing in and out of the grooves of the disc, working all the way around.

Once you have gone around, you'll sew one more time into the groove you began with.

You can then pop the disc open and remove the fabric.

When you tug on the thread, you tighten the fabric and then you have a yo-yo!

We have way too many yo-yos around here. My daughter uses them all the time. Just recently she made a cute card for her teacher.

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Brianna said...

This was brilliant! Thanks for this - I'm going to try it this weekend.