Friday, June 5, 2009

Kids and Water

What is with kids and water? I don't remember being so fascinated with water. MiniB could spend hours pushing his toy boats and fish around the sink.

And this weekend we had quite a few water mishaps in our household. First, MiniB thought it would be a great idea to dump half the bath on the bathroom floor. He bathes with MiniMe who is always happt to tattle so I took for granted that she would have told me something. I was one room away folding clothes and their door was open and I had no idea the mischief going on. We want to tile the bathroom next spring but were waiting until MiniB got a bit older so he wouldn't slip on the wet floor. Why any homebuilder puts carpet in a bathroom is beyond me. The carpet is probably not recoverable now. I used 8 towels to try to soak it up and still go squish squish when I step in there. I am worried about mold/mildew!

On Saturday the kids took another bath. They played with their squirt guns. These are itsy bitsy guns from a birthday party. They apparently thought squirting the ceiling would be great fun. I poked my head in and water dripped down on me. The irony is that they both woke up the next day with really sore necks--probably from staring up at the ceiling. We had to put Ben Gay on their necks and everything. Hopefully they learned a lesson.

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KristenMary said...

OMG, you just totally made me burst out laughing at work. I loved how you wrote about their sore necks. That is too funny. I have a 14 month old so now I know what to expect in a year or so! LOL

JCR said...

Tulip is very much into water now too, and it's driving me crazy. Something is always wet!