Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pattern for Children's Socks

Two years ago on a trip to Alaska, I purchased a rainbow skein of yarn. It was the only skein I bought there (which is so weird to me because I thought Alaska would be a yarn mecca!). Since then, whenever she is in my studio, MiniMe pulls out the skein and asks me when I'm going to make her something with it. I knew I wanted to her socks but have been unable to find a children's sock pattern that would show off the yarn colors. So, while snowed in one day, I created my own children's sock pattern. I call my pattern "Roy-G-Biv" to pay tribute to the colorful yarn I used, but you can use a solid color too.

MiniMe loves these socks. She wears them as slippers. Feel free to download the PDF and make some children's socks of your own. I created them to fit a child's size 8-10. Mini Me is 5 and wears a size 10. Enjoy!

RoyGBiv Socks

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pawtricia said...

I love the name of the pattern. It brings back school day memories.