Sunday, November 22, 2009

Baked Doughnuts? Really?

My favorite doughnuts in the world are glazed Krispy Kreme ones. Krispy Kreme was making a whole wheat version that were a lot less calories (I think they discontinued this "healthier" alternative) but tasted just as yummy.
I discovered this baked recipe online some time ago. The kids loved them! MiniMe made a special request for baked doughnuts for Saturday morning. It didn't take much to talk me into having doughnuts. So after my morning run (no kidding), I dived into making baked doughnuts. I should warn you that the recipe requires that you let the dough rise for almost two hours so you should take that into consideration. I forgot so the kids ended up eating at 10am. Here they are for the second hour rising in form:

And here they are after baking but, and here's the not so healthy part, before dipping in butter glaze and sugar/cinnamon topping. The recipe says to underbake but I opted to let them brown a bit.

I made a few with sprinkles since those entice the kids more and it was less sugar than the cinnamon sugar mixture. They were colorful and cute:

We even made some mini doughnuts with the holes. Too yummy!

We had a lot of variety I must say!

I let the kids eat doughnuts and watch some Saturday morning cartoons. They were beyond happy.

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