Tuesday, December 1, 2009

My Wish List (patterns)

I'm going Oprah-style and sharing my wish list of all things crafty. Yesterday I featured some of the books that are on my wish list. I hope you were able to add some to your own list after seeing my list (if you have a favorite, let me know yours--I'm sure I don't have it). Today, I'm going to feature some of the patterns I'm eyeing. There are so many but here are a few of my faves.

Glad All Over quilt

Toddle Time quilt

Elf Embroidery pattern from Jenny B's Etsy shop (ok, I broke down and bought this one--couldn't wait!)

Oliver + S School Days Jacket Isn't Liesl beyond talented? I want this coat in my size! If you think the coat is cute, how about her jumprope dress?

And I can't make a pattern list without including Julie's adorable knitted animals. Visit Julie's blog to see all of her animal creations.

Can't go without posting a purse pattern. May I present the Sophia Carry All by Amy Butler. Too cute.

I love all of Amy's quilt patterns so it is hard to narrow it down to one. But I'd sure love to make the Lollipop quilt for MiniMe's bed someday.

The Lollipop quilt by Kati Cupcake design

And what 5-year old wouldn't just love the Analise outfit? MiniMe sure would love me to whip this one up for her. I have the ideal fabric in mind too. I've sewn Sandi's patterns before and I have to tell you that she is so thorough and her pictures are so helpful. A new to intermediate sewer should have no problems. MiniMe asks me if she can wear her Claire dress when it is 30 degrees outside, she loves it that much.

In my next "wish" post, I'll cover fabric!

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Mandy said...

OH yeah, those elves are cute aren't they. They are definitely on my wish list. I just got the first set of foreign dressed ones the other week. They are so cute!

& Amy Butler bags are just bliss. I have a swing bag I drag around all over. Haven't yet made up my mind about which one to buy next.

& which 5 year old wouldn't want that outfit? A boy! lol

Thanks for your comment on my blog too. My blocks roll over for a different picture on each side so 6 pics in all. You maybe noticed that on the following blog post... Nice blog you have!