Sunday, January 3, 2010

Japanese Fabric

Last month, Brian went on a work-related trip to Japan. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to Japan but unfortunately we couldn't work it out so that I could go with him. So what does a woman who loves Japanese fabric do? I educated my husband and begged him to go to Tomato store in Nippori Textile Town in Tokyo. My. Husband. Is. The. Best. Sweet guy dragged a fellow co-worker with him to the fabric store one night and brought back three huge bags of Japanese prints. I asked him to give me every detail about the store since I knew it would have been my Disneyland. He agreed that I would have had the time of my life. Sigh...

Now back to the educating part (I call it educating, he called it bombarding him)....I spent a couple of nights quizzing him on different fabrics online asking, "would I like this one?" And even trying to trick him, "I'd like this one, right?" The guy was wrong only once! Does he know me or what? I basically sent him with a list of prints he couldn't go wrong with: Kokeshis, matroskas, sweet little animals, mushrooms, pears, apples, and anything red and aqua. Teaching someone to know your taste is hard. You're never quite sure they got it down and you know this is your one opportunity to get it right. Does that make sense to anyone else out there?

I'll show you some of the prints in the coming days. Isn't this Matroska print adorable? It was one of my favorites.

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Hulls Clan said...

love it and can't wait to see more!