Friday, January 15, 2010

Random Faces

I started taking a photo per day on my other blog PhotoMojo. Have you heard about the Spontaneously Smiley project for finding smiley faces in everyday objects? When I was little, I remember seeing smiley faces everywhere--in rocks, the drywall in my room, in the sky. The other night, MiniB was eating Spaghetti O's and though he doesn't say much, he started pointing and frantically yelled "Kiki House Mommy! Kiki House!" He saw a Mickey Mouse head in his O's. It reminded me of the smiley project. So, in honor of the Spontaneously Smiley project, I am going to have Face Fridays! If I see a face druing the week, I'll take it the images and hopefully have enough stored to at least post one face every Friday. Anyone want to join me? Try it out. You'll see them everywhere I guarantee ya!

Here are a few faces I spotted around our house today and not all are smiling....

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1 comment:

A Little Diddy said...

Im going to have to keep my eyes open for faces. How fun. Might get my kids involved in this one. haha.