Wednesday, January 5, 2011

B's 37th Birthday

B's birthday was really special this year because we had family in town. Every year we have fresh lobster on his birthday. As fun as this tradition is, it is amazingly difficult to find them the day after Christmas. This year I got smart and ordered them online from I ordered B a 4lb lobster! The lobsters came from Maine but were delayed arriving by a day due to the weather issues in the east. No problems though. We went to a Denver Nuggets game on his actual birthday and had our dinner a day later. I wish I had taken a picture of the lobsters but all of the scurring around trying to time everything for dinner made me temporarily forget to capture the moment. Bummer.

I'm glad B had a good day. We love you B!

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Rachel Holloway said...

VERY COOL!!! :) What a fun birthday tradition!! (and yummy looking cake!)

Cherie's Sewing Corner said...

Love your blog and your dolls are great!!

Siddhant Oberoi said...

Cake looks amazing.
Wish I had loving people around me too. I envy you to be honest.
But I am happy that people in this world are as loving too.
It just gives me a ray of hope.