Monday, May 14, 2012

Photo Challenge: Me with 13 Things

I thought this was a funny challenge. My husband saw me taking 13 items out to our patio table, setting up the tripod and was baffled why I cared to take a picture of these random items and myself.

Here is a list of what the 13 things are:

1-3. Three Kokeshi dolls

4. A high-heeled shoe

5. A heart-shaped rock that MiniMe gave me years ago.

6. Pippa-my Shih Tzu pup

7. A green appled-flavored ChapStick (my favorite)

8. A felt brooch

9. A WEDGITS pyramid that MiniB likes to make for me and leave on my bedside.

10. Sunglasses

11-12. Two little IKEA stuffed critters that Pippa loves.

13. A silver oil lamp used in our wedding.

It was funny taking timed pictures with Pippa. She is a very affectionate girl and just wanted to lick me instead of look at the camera. She's so precious!

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