Sunday, June 10, 2012

Hello Monday

It's Monday and I'm linking up with Lisa Leonard for Hello Monday.

Hello awful fire. This has been the worst fire season here in Colorado. I couldn't believe this plume of smoke coming from the mountains. The smoke smell made me cancel my long run outside. I feel so bad for the people that live in the fire zone. I hope their animals are safe too.

Hello self portrait. I need to get some sun.

Hello big slide in Estes Park. I was so surprised that MiniB was willing to go down the slide with B. He was terrified. I'm not sure he'll ever do it again. Checkmark another event off of our Summer To-Do list!

Happy Monday!

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sarah said...

Ahh so sorry to read about the fires. I hope everyone and their animals are safe too. :(

Love your self portrait! You look lovely!

That slide just looks like so much fun. My little one is too little for it, but I'm big enough haha!

Happy Monday!! :)

Emily said...

That slide looks so much FUN!

carissa said...

you are such a pretty thing! i've heard about the fires... so sorry to hear that. praying things are getting better.