Thursday, June 21, 2012

One of My Favorite Things

I used to write in a journal when I was in high school and college. Now, I honestly don't have the time or even the desire but do I have time for quick thoughts and things I do want to remember. This journal is one of my favorite gifts to give. You can find it on Amazon.

It's arranged so that you can record a quick paragraph about something and see what you wrote on that day the year before, and as the years go on, you'll be able to see five years worth of journalings for that day. Simple.

Before bed I will log a quick moment about my day. Chances are it is something funny one of the kids did or said. Sometimes they say multiple funny things in the day and I can fill a couple of days. Just last night I was reading how a year ago, MiniB said, "Mommy, can I have some more poison?" at dinner. He meant hoisin sauce.

Or when MiniMe said, "This is a pretty good burger except for the toe nails in it." I had used a onion soup mix and mixed it in the meat and she mistook the dried onions for toe nails. Oh, I had a good laugh at that one.

Or when MiniB was released from his Sunday school room and loudly exclaimed, "I didn't talk at all about my weiner daddy!" for the whole church to hear. He was in a phase where he had a lot of anatomy questions and so happened to be singing a song about his parts right before church and we asked him to only do that at home.

See, these are the fine moments you want to record and remember! Get yourself one of these books or buy one for a friend. They are the best gifts and I love how I know exactly what I was going through a year ago and can see how far I've come in my thought process.


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Trixiegirl said...

Lol. I almost gagged about the toe nail part. And died laughing about the wiener part. I wish I had written in a journal. It would be so great to go back and read. Especially growing up!

Unknown said...

I love this idea! What a simple but meaningful way to capture memories. And the toenail comment ~ awesome!!

Unknown said...

What a great idea! I used to write in my journal faithfully, then life happened. This is definitely inspiring me to get back into journaling-even if it's only one line per day.