Monday, August 6, 2012

Last Week of Summer Break

Life is busy as summer comes to a close. LInking up with Alli at Life on LeRoy for Life Lately.

MiniB is relaxing at the pool!

Pippa found a new favorite toy. She's taken over the Chick-Fil-A cow from the kids.

I love VW Bugs. My first car was a bug. We saw this VW bug at the airport!

This is the last week of summer for us here. I'm so sad that my baby starts kindergarten next week. I know I'll have a great cry. :(


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JoKnows said...

We don't start school until September around here. Can't believe your summer is "over." :(

I love the VW bug too!

~julee~ said...

School starts for us (me and daughter!) in two weeks. SO not ready!

Amy Powell said...

that's a really cool VW bug!! what a find :)

<3 Amy @ Interpret As You May

{giveaway going on now, would love to see you!!}

Niki said...

Your dog is so funny! Hope you're enjoying your last week!!!