Friday, March 15, 2013


I am linking up with Jeannette for InstaFriday today. I work from home so I tend to spend most of my time with the dogs during the school year. From the moment I get out of the shower and have to step around this guy:

To this girl who constantly wants to sit on my lap and get pet while I'm on the computer. I can't say no to this face, can I?

It was an exciting start to our week because my youngest lost his very first tooth! Aren't those some cute big browns? I love this boy!

And do you ever have a week like this where you feel like all your very best efforts don't bear much fruit? MiniB really wanted the GORP and I really wanted some salty chips but I had enough for both. I purchase the GORP and it gets stuck. I couldn't very well get my chips and MiniB not get his treat. So, I put my chip money in to push his stuck one forward and then the second one got stuck too. It was a good analogy for my life this week. Try as I might to accomplish stuff and do it well, I felt thwarted.

Ah, at least I have this cute mug to drink my chai tea from! Isn't it cute?

I love that MiniB loves his taikwondo class. He just moved up to Orange Tiger level-way cool!

Happy Friday!


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Kim said...

The mug is adorable! Do you mind sharing where it's from? New to your blog. Can't wait to look around!

Jessi said...

Love that mug! And cute boy and doggies :)

Kristine -Heart Shaped Sweat said...

What a big boy, loosing his first tooth and moving up to the orange belt!! Your pups are too cute, I know what you mean by one always being at your feet! Ours is 130 pounds of "always at my feet/knees" :) Thanks for stopping by, looking forward to following along! In case you want to change the no-reply blogger settings here's a tutorial link I did a few weeks back....