Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pajamas, Pigs, and Pancakes Birthday Party

Do you ever notice how kids LOVE pajama-themed days whether they are at school or a church function? My kids practically live in their pajamas. They want to get them on the second they get in the door after school. Sometimes, if we don't soccer or piano, I let them but more often than not they need to wait until after dinner at least.

When MiniMe was invited to a pajama birthday party, I knew she'd be requesting a pancake/pajama party too. She asked me if we could throw pigs in the mix (she LOVES all things pig) and we had ourselves a Pajamas, Pigs, and Pancake party to plan.

Mae created her invite. She was wonderful and totally agreeable to whatever we requested. I think she did a great job! Check out her site, she has some really cute stuff.

Pig-related decorations are hard to find. I wouldn't have thought this would be the case. I couldn't even find pig pajamas. I thought there was be an abundance of pig stuff to choose from--cute pig balloons, pig party favors, pig plates/napkins/cups, and pig games. But there just aren't a lot of pig-related décor so I had to come up with an alternative.

Because MiniMe has loved pigs for quite some time, we have a lot of pigs we could use to decorate. We went around and collected every pig we could find.

For games, we had an idea that the kids could decorate pig banks so I ordered these cuties. Discount School Supply mailed them very quickly. They arrived within 3 days of ordering and I didn't expedite shipping.

We spread them around to add to the décor.

The morning of the party, I put my dad on the task of making the bacon and sausage. He did an awesome job!

Brian worked on the pancakes and I organized the toppings. We had whipping cream, marshmallow cream, chocolate chips, Crunch Berries, bananas, chocolate jimmies, marshmallows, chocolate syrup, and regular pancake syrup. The huge hit was the marshmallow cream. It is hard to spread but the kids didn't care!

I poured each girl some Mud Milk (aka--Chocolate milk).

I purchased these cute straws on Etsy from Mooses Creations.

After the kids ate breakfast, we decided to decorate piggy banks. I had purchased foam stickers and jewels from Jo-Anns to decorate the pigs with.

Since it was a pig party, the kids made like pigs and played a game where they had to put their hands behind their backs and eat chocolate pudding with just their mouths. They were hilarious! Some kids went all out and others had a hard time getting so messy.

Sophia doesn't like cake (I'm totally baffled how my own flesh and blood doesn't like cake) so as if we hadn't had enough chocolate, she wanted chocolate croissants.

A great time was had by all! The birthday girl was happy, which made me happy. Now how many more years until she just has a friend over for a sleepover and wants just money for her birthday?

Sophia wanted to give pig necklaces and bacon buttons as party favors. I love a good theme party. Hopefully for the next theme party my kids pick a more mainstream theme.

We have a tradition we started when the kids were just old enough to care (4 years old maybe?). The night before their birthdays we decorate their doors so when they wake up, they are super excited to see their door. Since Sophia's party happened the day before her actual birthday, once the party was over I mustered up my last bit of energy to decorate her door. Another year down!


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Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to Sophia. This is SO cute! I love the little necklaces too. Hope she had a great time.

Unknown said...

Happy birthday sophia. The birthday party eems really good

Unknown said...

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