Thursday, February 19, 2009

Out of Control Orla

I posted here when I began collecting Orla items from Target. Well, I'm out of control. I've since purchased some mugs, cups, and placemats. When you can't afford the purses, you go overboard with the home decor!

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Anonymous said...

Target has a way of doing that to everyone. You go in with a budget (which shouldn't be too hard cuz it's Target) and you walk out with half a ton more than you intended!

Barbara Brown said...

i saw the orla line at target. then the other day i saw a woman with an orla purse. it's because you posted about it that i'm noticing it. the designs are beautiful though.
barbara brown

Elissa said...

oh my! love these mugs.... i need to NOT go to target :-)

sew nancy said...

i've managed to stay out of target so far
those place mats and mugs are so cute though
thanks for stopping by my blog recently