Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Saturday Mornings

I love that MiniMe raves on and on about my blueberry muffins. She can out-eat me! The moment we pull them out of the oven, she's all over them. When you find a meal or treat that your kids absolutely look forward to, you find so much joy in making it for them. So, that is what I do at least one or two Saturdays a month. I wake up early, feed the dogs and quietly make the muffins for breakfast. Sometimes MiniMe will come downstairs and help. When she doesn't, I surprise her by telling her there are fresh muffins ready downstairs and she hops out of bed with excitement. It is a sweet time for us as a family to sit around the table eating warm, fresh muffins and start our day. Do you have a fun Saturday morning tradition or recipe?

My recipe is taken from Joy of Cooking. I've altered it a bit as I've learned how my oven works in high altitude and I prefer brown sugar to regular granulated sugar. I also sprinkle a touch of cinnamon, which I think makes them extra tasty. But this JoC recipe is the best I've ever made by far!

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Barbara Brown said...

i love saturday, that's when i get to sleep in. my husband goes through cooking phases. right now its poached eggs over toast with sausage. prior to that it was pancakes with orange juice flavoring them topped with maple syrup. oh i can't wait for saturday.
barbara brown

Rachel Holloway said...

oh my new friend! I don't know how you came across my blog, but boy am I glad you did!!! I was SOOO excited and came right over to check yours out! OOOOOOOH.....DELICIOUS...everything here! The colors, the projects, the food--love it all! You are dfinitely on my google reader list now!! :) SUCH talent! I love i!

Jodi Nelson said...

Those muffins look so yummy! Thanks for visiting. I can't wait to come back and visit you again. ooxx`jodi