Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cinnamon Roll Sinfulness

I would call myself a cinnamon roll connoisseur. My first encounter began the summer of 1985. We lived in Arlington, Virginia, very close to the Ballston Common metro stop. My mom worked in Washington D.C., and about once a week, my step-brother and I would meet her and share a cinnamon roll at T.J. Cinnamon's Bakery. Been there? The smell is so ENTICING. Cinnamon roll smell makes me feel very nostalgic and happy.

Then, while in college at UNM in Albuquerque, I admit that I frequented The Frontier where they churn out fresh cinnamon rolls like there is no tomorrow. Believe me when I say that I never needed an excuse to eat a fresh, hot, buttery cinnamon roll. It's Tuesday? Why not have a cinnamon roll? Got an A on a test? Hey, let's get a cinnamon roll! I've consumed rolls while listening to girlfriend's sob stories, during study breaks (it was the place to study), after a night out (The Frontier was open 24/7), and while sobbing over my own life issues.

I've also been known to eat Cinnabon at most major airports that I have visited though I've backed off that in my thirties because the pounds aren't as easy to keep off! And I live within short driving distance to Johnson's Corner (home of the world famous cinnamon roll) and Silver Grill Cafe (home of the famouse GIANT cinnamon roll). Check out the link because they have a whole write up on their cinnamon roll history.

All this just to tell you that I made A Black Apple's recipe for cinnamon rolls and it was, well, awesome! And I ought to know!

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Julie said...

Oooo, I have been meaning to try her recipe. They look so delicious! This reminds me I need to get some cream cheese for them.

randi said...

Yummy! I could use one of those right now!

mary grace said...

thanks for visiting! and fyi... those cinnamon rolls look absolutely sinful! :) i may just have to make some.

pawtricia said...

Have you made your mother-in-law's pound cake recipe? She gave it to me last March, and I believe I have made almost 50 of them in a year. I'll email it to you.
Aunt Patt