Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Things Kids Do and Say

File this one under "What can go wrong when I turn my head for a second." I was on my computer when I turned my head and saw this scene. He's crying because I asked him to come down. Ten minutes later he's climbing into our deep tub. MiniB is such a different child than MiniMe. I am fascinated by a boy's nature to climb and explore without regard to consequence. It is both cute and scary at times.

As and for what funny things kids can say, here is an interesting conversation MiniMe and I had:

Scene: I'm combing MiniMe's hair and getting her ready in the morning. She's making funny faces in the mirror (as usual).
MiniMe: You know what I wish mama?
Me: What sweetie?
MiniMe: I wish Obama was my daddy and his wife was my mommy.
Me: Oh really?
MiniMe: But I wouldn't love them as much as you and daddy. I'd just get to wear pretty dresses and dance at balls too.

Ah, my princess always has her agendas. Saturday mornings are fun in the Mader house!

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1 comment:

Julie said...

My youngest is like a boy in that way. I'm constantly having to pull her down from everything. She is the reason for my few gray hairs. :)