Friday, March 20, 2009

Final Finished Project

My final finished project for the week was one of my longest in coming. For the longest time (early 2007!), this Elephant has been standing in my studio waiting for a head. MiniMe endlessly asks me when I'm going to finish it. I must admit, the body by itself was cute enough for me. I don't like knitting stripes. This pattern was created by Susan Anderson. Click here to see her much cuter version.

I decided I would get this Ellie a head. Only problem was I couldn't find all of the colors because it had been so long. So this elephant has a different colored head. Oh well. I think he's just thankful to have a head period. I took so liberties and saved myself from trying to knit ears and just cut some felt ones for him. And rather than embroider eyes, I took the shortcut and glued some buttons on.

My conclusion after sticking to finishing a bunch of old projects is that I'm ready to move on to some brand new ones. And once I do, those ones will become my new unfinished projects. What can I say, my mind is always onto the next best thing!

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