Saturday, March 21, 2009

Oh what a find!

I have been reminising about my sewing history. I learned to sew at 12. But prior to that, my mom sewed many of my clothes, baby clothes, and dolls. My mom passed away when I was 16 (actually, 19 years ago today) and I was given her sewing machine. My heart breaks to say that I no longer have it. I was young and things happen in life we regret--it was sold in a garage sale. I was headed to college and wasn't thinking of the future.

Lately I've have been flooded with memories of my mom sitting at her sewing table, threading her machine, asking me to try something on for her. I can't help feeling so sad that I didn't predict how much regret I'd have that I don't have her machine. I called my dad and asked him the year of her machine and started scouring online. I don't necessarily need another machine but it would be nice to have two. I found the Singer pictured above on Craigslist. It is exactly as I remember my mom's! And, score, it was only $15 and came with a sewing table! I should mention that we sold my mom's table too. Here's the table:

Do you think I should paint it?

As we were driving home from picking it up, I started to think again about my mom's machine. Did you see the movie, Definitely Maybe? The part of the movie I love is [SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT]....where the character April buys any copy of Jane Eyre that she finds because her father wrote an inscription in a copy for her before she died and she lost the book. One day Will finds the copy with the inscription in a secondhand store and gives it to April. What a gift! I so wish life could really work out that way. I just have to hope that maybe my mom's machine is out there somewhere being cherished and this machine I've acquired once belonged to someone who wishes they'd kept it.

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Sew Many Ways... said...

Hi Carolyn,
Such a lovely story about your mom's machine. My mom passed away 2 years ago. She lived with us for the last 3 years of her life, suffering from Parkinson's disease. She, too, was the expert seamstress in the family...always at her machine. There are many things that we still have from our mom, but some precious things we do not. My dad cleared out alot before they moved in with us. I wrote about her on my blog too. I know your heart is breaking for her machine, but I've learned it's the memories that we should cherish and I know you do by the way you speak of her. The machine is great and may not be hers, but just pretend and smile for her every time you use it. The table is wonderful too, looks like mid century modern. Not sure of your decor, but I think it would look cute painted.
Hope I didn't talk too long,

erica said...

congrats! I wish i had a backup sewing machine....I'm going crazy here without one!

Rachel H. said...

That is SO sweet. What a wonderful memory. I am so glad you will have that piece to remind you daily of your memories with your mom.

As for paint? I am a paintaholic...I would say yes. Do something fun. But, others might disagree. :)

Jackie said...

I'm so glad you found a machine like your moms! I was asking my dad about my grandmothers treadle and he said they had gotten rid of it. It happens a lot.

I'm one of the ones that would not paint! It looks like it's in great shape!

Sarah said...

What a lovely story...I'm glad that you are able to have the machine that means so much.

Alison said...

I feel the same way about my Old Singer Treadle sewing machine. I loved it but had to get rid of it when I moved. I look at them on ebay and wish! I am glad that you have found one that you can sit and dream with.

Rachel H. said...

Hey--just got your comment on my projects post! I DID see this sewing machine post, and I think granny green would be awesome!

Hey--I need your email! I have several things to ask you, but this blog comment stuff isn't cutting it! What do ya say??