Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Finished Project #2

I started posting about this baby here in September. Then notice how in this post in November, I write how my quilt is almost complete. This was true as all I had left was the binding. I had purchased the fabric in September, completed the quilting by Halloween and just had to bind it to have a wonderful Christmasy quilt for our family to snuggle under. Then Thanksgiving came and the entire season floored me. Once Christmas passed, I wasn't as excited to finish. But I was SO close. So, I sat myself down and hand stitched the binding. It wasn't hard and didn't take too long. I have decided that finishing is all mental. So, I present Finished Project #2:

Now I'm good to go for next year. Whew! Two FPs down, many more to go.

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Rachel Holloway said...

It is gorgeous! You did such a fabulous job. WAY TO GO!