Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Unfinished Project Week

I got to thinking recently about all of the unfinished projects that I have laying around. I have the ultimate intentions of finishing all of them....eventually. I am reminded of my hypocrisy when I tell MiniMe, "you should always finish what you start." So in honor of spring cleaning and wanting to clear out my studio, I committed to finishing my projects, one-by-one. It feels good. Are you like me in that you get so excited to start a project and halfway through another project entices you? I don't do that with everything, just most things I guess. There are so many projects and so little time so I dabble in everything. Lately I've felt kind of scattered though.

So, do you recall me blogging about this scarf? You'll see from my first post about it that I titled it Holiday Knitting. Who knew it would extend to 2009? Ha ha. I'm happy to say that I sat down in front of the tv a couple of nights in a row and finished this baby. So, I present Finished Project #1!

It feels so good. Will you participate in Unfinished Projects Week with me? Tomorrow I'll post about another project I picked up and completed.

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1 comment:

JCR said...

Good for you! I always have overlapping projects and hate it. I'm in full-on project mode now too. We'll see...