Friday, May 22, 2009

We Remember

One year ago today a tornado hit our tiny town. It is still so fresh for me though all the repairs have been completed on our home and all. I just remember the feeling of not being able to get to my daughter's school which was less than a mile away. I had horrible visions of her lying in a field needing me, crying for me. Praise God she was fine and her teachers took care of the kids like they were their own.

Just yesterday I was at her school and the news was filming because her school, Windmill Enrichment (the fourth picture is a picture of her school the day of), was right in the path of the tornado and a lot of heroes were revealed that day. I sat in on lunch and all the kids were talking about the tornado. I asked the teacher if the news being there was causing them to rethink it all. She said that the kids have never really stopped talking about it. I know it took MiniMe three months to finally tell me in detail what she experienced that day.

I'm so grateful that we are a year beyond it all and a lot of healing and rebuilding has taken place. But I still can't help but remember.....

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Brianna said...

You're truly blessed your family was safe, but I know the feeling of being scared. My father was in NYC and had a meeting at the Twin Towers on 9/11, so I know what it's like not to be able to get to a person.

Breezi said...

Wow, just reading your post brought me to the verge of tears. A mother's worst nightmare is not being able to help her children. I can only imagine how you and your family felt that day.
I'm so glad that you were blessed not to have anything happen.

(Ohh yeah... thanks for the comment on my blog a while back. I've enjoyed 'stalking' your blog since :)