Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's Fall and That Means....

Caramel apple time! Who doesn't just love fall and look forward to this treat? I'm usually disappointed with homemade caramel apples because my caramel never tastes or looks as good as the ones you buy. This year I did my research and I think I'm closer to the storebought kind, but I think I still have a ways to go. One tip that Brian figured out is to refridgerate the apples before starting, that way they help cool the caramel faster and stop the caramel from sliding off and collecting at the bottom.
But let us beging at the beginning! First, you must unwrap. Luckily MiniMe finds this part to be a lot of fun so I can delegate the task to her. No telling how many she snuck in as she unwrapped!

Then you melt. The ratio of water is 2TBSP to every 14oz package of Kraft caramels. I've used milk in the past and although they are creamier, they don't adhere to the apple as well and remain very sticky.

Once all the caramels are melted, you dip your apples. Sorry, no pics of this part. I'm always in such a hurry during this part for fear of messing up! Another tip we figured out is to kind of twirl your apple around once the caramel is on to further provide cooling time before you set the apple down. Feel free to blow on it too. Don't freak out too much about the time it takes to cool each apple. Hopefully you have a spouse or friend to help you stir the caramel while you are blowing on the apple before you set it down. If you stir the melted caramel and turn the oven down a bit, it won't burn, trust me. You do have time.

We were making our apples for a special birthday girl's princess party so we had to have lots of sprinkles on hand. Feel free to use whatever yummies you love. I've seen everything from gummy bears to nuts to M&Ms sprinkled on caramel apples. I personally love just the caramel and the apple but I'm a little old school that way!

Good luck with yours!

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Ashley said...

Very pretty, and I am sure they taste quite yummy too! I can't wait to make some with my kiddos! Thanks for sharing.