Sunday, May 6, 2012

Operation KSL: Marilinda

Operation KSL continues! In this post I wrote about Operation KSL and my quest to complete every pattern in the book Knit.Sock.Love by Cookie A. Marilinda is so far my favorite pattern in the book. Since this is only my second pattern, I'm excited for what the rest of the book holds! Marilinda is the perfect example of the genius that is Cookie A. Take a look at the heel. I love sock patterns that incorporate the pattern into the heel.

I won't lie. I had to rrrriiiippp back Marilinda a couple of times. The pattern repeat is more complicated than Hedera and BFF. I like to knit and watch tv and part of the problem and why I had to rip was because I would get confused about where I was in the chart and repeat a line and realize it later on. If you are a new sock knitter, I'd recommend you tackle BFF first.

Here are details on my Marilinda project:

Pattern Name: Marilinda, pg. 29

Yarn Brand: Socks That Rock (Blue Moon Fiber Arts)

Yarn Color: Cattywampus (lightweight)

DPN size: US 1

Size Knit: One size

Project Timeline: 26 days to complete

Here is a trick I figured out as I worked this pattern. Do you ever find that when you finish a row, you write down what the number of the next row is? Then when you come back to your work you see the row number you wrote down and can't recall if that is the row you JUST COMPLETED or THE ONE YOU NEED TO START ON? I kept having this problem (which would lead to more ripping) and so I made a rule for myself that I'll only end on an odd number row so no matter what number I wrote it better be odd which would mean the next number (even) would be the one I start on. Then I couldn't remember my own rule. I needed something easier and consistent and fast.

I bought these colored sticky tabs at Target and draw an arrow on them, and no matter what row I complete, I always put the tab on the row I should begin on when I pick the work back up again.

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