Monday, June 18, 2012

Hello Monday---Hello Day in My Life

I was trying to explain to Brian that although I'm home full time and it would seem I should have all this time on my hands, I always feel like there is SOMETHING I could be doing. I gave him a long list of all the things I'd done that day and though he didn't disagree that I'd done a lot, it didn't sound like a lot but it took all morning. I decided to document a morning in my life for this Hello Monday. Linking up with Lisa for Hello Monday!

Hello gym. I get up at 5:30 to go run 4 miles on the treadmill three times a week. I'm usually done by 6:30 and come home to get breakfast going. When it isn't summer, I usually don't get up this early because I'm able to do it after I drop my daughter off at school. This picture of my drive to the gym shows the smoke from the Colorado fire that we're experiencing here. Very sad. Very gross air to breathe--both of my kids are back on their inhalers.

Hello breakfast! By 7:30, the kids are fed, Brian gone to work unless he works at home and I make our bed and get ready to feed the pets. This girl is a strange eater. I give her food but she usually doesn't eat until I slow down long enough to sit down near her somewhere and then she'll eat. She likes company while she chows I guess! Our lab Aspen ate so fast I couldn't get a picture!

Hello tortoise (in his cave). Now on to feed the tortoise. He eats fresh plants and flowers from the garden so I have to go select them for him and then get him fresh water and clean any poop.

Hello laundry. I try to get in one load a day minimum. I find that if I can do that, I can keep up and it spares me from doing it all weekend. The loads aren't as large if I do one daily but inevitably I will miss a day and it is never a small load. I'll fold the clothes while the kids have quiet time after lunch.

Hello lessons. I'm not always great at ensuring we practice. If we have VBS or swim lessons or something, it throws off practicing but last week we got in at least 15 minutes a day. MiniMe plays piano and MiniB and I work on violin together. They're still in their pjs. After this I make them get dressed and I shower.

Hello library books. I don't always have books to take but they are due today. If it isn't libraby books, it is the bank or grocery store or post office or some other miscellaneous place I have to go on that day. We return at 11am.

Hello Ironing. Ok, so I don't do this everyday as you can tell. In fact I probably only do it once every couple of weeks but on this day, Brian is almost out of short sleeved shirts so I succomb to the pressure. There is no time for the long sleeves. They will have to wait for another day. Wait a minute, what is this????

This little creature is sitting on my pile! Good thing it is shirts I've yet to do so she didn't rewrinkle them. It's almost noon. Seriously, where did time go?? Stay tuned next week for A Day in the Afternoon via Instagram!


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Tereasa said...

Sounds like a busy day to me! They don't call us super moms for nothing! Thanks for visiting my blog this week. It was lovely to "meet" you.