Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sweet Blog Followers

I am no longer hosting My Favorite Things Thursdays. In a way I am sad but I also feel like it is a good idea. It is rough work trying to keep up with my blog lately! I was realizing that all of my posts lately have only been MFTT because of an obligation and not much joy in doing it.

A couple of months ago I posted about how I am no longer working but then suddenly a really wonderful opportunity arose for me in September. Since then, my blog contributions have really decreased. I have just not had the time!

So...I have a plan going forward and hopefully you will hear more from me sooner than later. I want to be purposeful in my posts. I know that nobody wants to read content that I feel obligated to write. I wouldn't either.

Please stick with me though. I promise that I will be better about posting content that is real and genuine.

Thank you all so much!


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1 comment:

Rebekah said...

Transitions are hard - I've been there too!

I've nominated you for a Liebster Award!