Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fool-Proof French Toast

One of my favorite breakfast foods is french toast. My kids love it even more than I do. I purchased a french bread (sourdough works too) loaf and never used it for a meal I'd planned. Then it got to be the New Year and Brian and I are avoiding white flour foods, so rather than waste the bread, I made an entire loaf of french bread and refridgerated the leftovers for the kids for an easy before school breakfast meal (more on that later).

First you slice up the loaf. I prefer thick slices but for the kids' sake, I keep them thinner. Then you create the french toast batter by using 5 eggs, about 1/4 cup of milk, and a shake of cinnamon.

Then, add about 1 tsp of vanilla.

Then you heat up your griddle (I set mine to 300) or pan and melt some butter on top. If you are trying to be healthy, some olive oil spray will do.

Dip your bread into the batter on each side.

Put each piece in the batter and then on the griddle to cook.

Then flip them over.

I wish I could have taken some cute pictures of the finished french toast with a side of berries and dollop of whipping cream but the kids were way eager to eat and weren't willing to wait.

But back to the refridgerating of the leftover french toast. This french toast keeps really well, unlike pancakes which I never feel taste as good the next day. I simply put them in the toaster oven and set them to toast and they get a cripy top and their almost better than day one!


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Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

This looks delicious!

Charlotte said...

We love french toast too but I have never thought to try reheating it. That is so smart! Will definitely be trying this soon!

Jo Anna Smith said...

Thank you for the recipee suggestion. Your instructions are so precise. I'm fixing to try this.