Thursday, January 10, 2013

New Year's Diet

I am on day 10 of my New Year diet plan. I really enjoyed the holidays, like really. I'm not getting on the scale out of fear. But the jeans feel tighter for sure. So, it's back to the gym and back to eating better!

I don't mind exercise. I actually enjoy it and regularly go the the gym. I just find that after I drop the kids off to school and go to the gym, and get home and shower, it's already 10:30am and the morning feels already gone. I work from home so by the time I then work for four hours, it's then time to get the kids from school and run them around to their activities. I still haven't accomplished laundry, grocery shopping, and the bank. This is the life of every mom though, right? There is never enough time in the day!

But back to my diet. I am weening off of diet soda. I was/am addicted. I only have one a day (my fave is Diet DP), which seems pretty harmless but I actually noticed that when I try to stop, I can't. I was able ween to one every other day, then down to three a week, then two a week, then one a week, and now I'm officially off. It's going well. I am trying to drink more water. I definitely feel better, which is weird because I never felt bad, but I do feel better.

Besides no soda, Brian and I are avoiding any sugar for two weeks (except fruit). And we have been bulking up on fruit and veggies. I've found that fruit smoothies are my new best friend.

I do keep track of everything I eat via the Weight Watchers etool on my phone. I just stay within my points allowance eating only lean meats and dairy and fruits and vegtables. Day 10 and I'm still on it!

I find that cutting up vegtables in bulk is very helpful. Then I just throw them on some salad greens and cook some chicken and have an easy meal. I highly recommend you also store some not so usual salad items to keep you interested. I like artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, garbanzo beans, roasted garlic cloves, barley, and blue cheese sprinkles. I make sure to cut up fruit too so I can throw it on some yogurt or in a smoothie.

Are you any kind of New Year diet? If so, how are you doing on it?


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