Monday, February 18, 2013

My Favorite Things: Cell Lens Pouch

Lask week I told you about the OlloClip-a lens for your cell phone. This week I want to share about the Cell Lens Pouch, a cute little purse-like attachment for your cell phone. You can use the pouch to hold your cell phone lens attachment. Or you can use it to hold your Skittles! I sometimes carry pennies in mine into the grocery store so the kids can ride the penny horse. It's a handy little pouch. You simply plug it into your phone headjack.

Brian got me my pouch for Christmas. He ordered it from PhotoJojo for $15. You can purchase it with a lens that fits it for $40. It comes in red, aqua, and black. I love my pouch!


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1 comment:

~julee~ said...

How cute it that?!? Adding it to my birthday wish list. ;)