Friday, March 8, 2013


Yay! It's Friday and that means linking to Jeannett for InstaFriday! My days are melting together with lots of activity in each day--so much so that I haven't taken many pictures while in the moment. But here are some random pics from my week:

I love piano lessons! I love watching MiniMe get more and more confident and listening to her play as each season goes by she plays more and more difficult pieces. I can't wait for the day she surpasses my own understanding of music theory and she can show me a thing or two. That day isn't too far off!

I got this fortune this week. I hold out hope it is true and my shop will continue to grow and grow!

This week we had more taikwondo testing. MiniB is now moving on to a yellow belt! Go buddy! Doesn't he have the eye of the tiger here?

Here are the Tiny Tigers!

To celebrate MiniB moving on to yellow and to welcome Brian home from a week in Switzerland, we made a chocolate bundt cake. Here it is pre-icing:

And post icing--yum!:

Here are my gifts from Switzerland. Is there any question I love Toblerone? I've never seen one so big! I must pace myself.

How was your week? I'd love to follow you on Instagram! Let me know where you post. I'm at carolynmae18 if you want to follow me! In posting the link, I realized I take pictures of a lot of sweets. I just might have a problem. Maybe.


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~julee~ said...

Looks like a great week! Have you eaten the whole Toblerone yet? ;)

Michele said...

That cake looks amazing!
That's great that your little one is dedicated to learning the piano. I wouldn't practice so I never picked it up. Good for her!
I take a lot of photos of food and sweets, too. Ha!