Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Lego Storage Part II: Organize Your Lego Manuals: Spring Cleaning Week

In yesterday's post, I discussed organizing my son's Legos for my spring cleaning series. Today I want to show you how I organize my son's Lego manuals so that we can rebuilt any of his various kits anytime by following the original directions.

First, I purchased a colored binder and clear binder pocket pages. Then I simply put each binder into a pocket. It was easy and allows him to look through each page very clearly. And because they're stored in the pocket, he will hopefully not ruin the pages since they will just go right back in the binder once he's used them.

I created the logo for the front of the binder and simply printed it and inserted it into the clear flap. You can download a PDF of the page I created PDF here if you want to create your own binder to store manuals.


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