Thursday, March 28, 2013

Organizing Board Games: Spring Cleaning Week

Spring cleaning week continues here. Today's topic is organizing board games. Every month we have Family Game Night in our living room. We store our games in a cabinet in our living room. Here is a before picture:

It isn't that bad but there are times where the kids want to take games to their rooms or to play in the basement with friends. Rather than worry that they don't lose pieces along the way, I wanted to put their games in a bin so they can carry it all together and try to keep pieces from getting lost. The adult games have dice, note pads, pencils, dictionary, and poker chips that I wanted to keep together. So I separated the games in different bins. This cabinet is also where I store my candles.

The kids games are now all housed together. This is also handy for trips to grandparent's house to be able to just load the bin in the car rather than a game that can potentially lose parts in the car.

The adult games are also housed together. This is also a good solution for keeping little hands from using the entire Pictionary pad to draw happy faces or taking the dice and not returning them. Or taking the clay from the Cranium game for their own purposes. I guess technically they can still do all those things but you make it a little harder by separating the games.

Do you have a system for storing your games? The next eyesore is our video game storage area but that will have to come in the future. Tomorrow's topic is tackling your filing cabinet organization.


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