Monday, March 25, 2013

Tackling the Linen Closet-Spring Cleaning Week Begins!

As promised, I'm going to share my spring cleaning problem spots here at Chez Silly Happy Sweet.

Last week I shared with you the before photo of our hallway linen closet. We don't really store towels in this closet, mainly sheets, comforters, humidifier, heating pad, and some of my knitting (yarn) stash. Here again is the before:

Are you like me in that when it comes to folding fitted sheets you just roll them up in a semi-folded shape and call it a day? I know there is a better way but I have never had the desire to learn. To spiffy up this closet I decided I would watch Martha Stewart's video on how to fold fitted sheets. Here's a before of our sheets:

And our sheets after I watched the video and fixed them. Better, yes?

I fixed up the knitting area too by buying some baskets for my stash. I store some knitting in this closet because I have several projects going at a time and I like to have it close when I watch tv or want to work on it. I have an entire armoire in our basement guest room where I store all of the rest of my yarn. That's normal, right?

Sock yarn (so yummy):

I moved the heavy comforters to our basement guest room closet where there are larger shelves for storage. This looks much better, do you agree?

Do you feel better when you clean up the nooks and crannies of your home? I'm not sure I'll keep folding the fitted sheets perfectly but I will try for awhile. Tomorrow I tackle Part 1 of the dredful lego storage problem we have around here.


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