Friday, April 5, 2013


It's Friday and time to link up with Jeannett for InstaFriday, sharing cell phone photos from the week.


The annual Easter Egg Hunt was awesome this year! There were 6000 eggs and 250 of them had $1 coins in them. Each kid found at least one with money. We also found a real egg! The geese that were nesting didn't appreciate a kid picking up the egg and moving it. We put the egg back and thankfully, the goose went back to sitting on it. I can't blame the kiddo for picking it up, it was an egg afterall.

MiniB despises haircuts. I always dread taking him. For some odd reason he thinks the haircutter is going to give him a mohawk. Every single time he asks her to not give him one and every single time she reassures him that she won't. Every. Single. Time.

Brian makes fun of my doily making. I actually think the colored cotton yarn makes them a lot more modern. I just wanted a new challenge. It's pretty fun to make a doily. I get it all you grannies!

Apparently it is time to buy some new pants. MiniB looks like he's waiting for a flood.

Soccer season has started up here! Both kids are on teams though I only made it to MiniB's practic. Brian is coaching MiniMe's team.

I hope you have had a nice week!


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~julee~ said...

Looks like you got hit by an anonymous spammer. :( Spammers stink.

Anyway, glad you guys had a fun week. I love your doilies. Nothing wrong with channeling your inner granny. ha ha!