Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My Favorite Things: Ewe Stash (a knitting app)

I love app recommendations, especially if they are fun for my kids or helpful for me. One of my favorite apps is a knitting app called Ewe Stash. It is basically a database app where you can store inventory information about your yarn stash, knitting needles, and crochet hooks.

If you are a knitter then you know how easy it is to "stumble" across a knitting shop and want to start a new project but can't recall if you have the right amount of yarn to complete that cute cardigan. Or whether you have the right size of needle at home. I know there have been countless times that I know I have the specific size of needle at home but am unsure about the length, which really matters when you are working with cable needles. I have opted to not purchase a new set of needles thinking I have it on hand only to find out I'm wrong. Bummer.

With Ewe Stash, you simply enter all of your inventory and can easily look it up. Here's a picture of all of my needles:

With Ewe Stash, you don't have to be near your needles (or hooks if you crochet) to know what you have. No more digging through them all to know if you have what you need! Simply open the app and you can search by brand name (Addi, Susan Bates, etc.), type (DPNs, straight, cable, etc.) or size. YOu can also store information about all your yarn stash. My stash isn't that big so I don't store that. Plus, any excuse to purchase more yarn is to not know what you have on hand. That's not as fun when you purchase a needle you already have.

For the record, one of my other favorite things is this Rowan knitting bag. I store my needles in here. When we go on a staycation close to home, I store my latest project in the bag in case I have time to work on it.

So, I've had a lot of questions about knitting. Are you a knitter? Do you find it intimidating? Do you want to learn? Photobucket

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