Monday, June 3, 2013

SHS Book Club: How to Bake a Perfect Life

I needed a 'chick-lit' book for easy reading after that long Stephen King 11-22-63 book. How to Bake a Perfect Life by Barbara O'Neal was a great choice.

When I think about how to describe this book, the word "cozy" comes to mind. The plot centers around Ramona Gallagher, a professional baker. I love how the author weaves in Ramona's love of bread and provides the reader such great background about the history of a precious dough. I read this book on a plane and never wanted to eat a nice, warm slice of sourdough more in my life. It took me back to a trip we took to Alaska and a wonderful bakery that had a sourdough starter that went back a hundred years. Mmmmmm!

Ok, so yumminess aside (did I mention that the book includes recipes?), the plot of the book was interesting and unique. Without giving too much away, you learn about how Ramona became a baker and follow her through as she tries to keep her bakery running. She has a daughter who is going through some strife. And she is caring for her step-granddaughter due to certain events. It is through her witnessing her step-granddaughter that you learn about Ramona's childhood. The book was certainly somewhat predictable but that didn't matter at all. The story is genuine and heartfelt. I love that is takes place in Colorado too.

If you are looking for a sweet book, an easy read, and just a downright enjoyable read then How to Bake a Perfect Life would suit you. It's a perfect summer read for sure.

After I read How to Bake a Perfect Life, the news about the Ohio women who were held captive broke. I was searching for another book to read so from chick-lit to biography I went. I had wanted to read the Jaycee Dugard book for some time but I knew it would be heavy and scary. I'm so glad I did though. I can't wait to share what God showed me through reading that book in a future post!

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