Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mid-Town Trench---Finished!

I FINALLY finished the Mid-Town trench jacket from Indygo Junction that I've been slowly working on. See initial post. I'm quite pleased with the results but if I had to do it all over again, here are the lessons I've learned: 1. I love tweed. I think it is so classy but it is extremely thick and difficult to work with sometimes.

2. I opted out of putting buttons on this jacket for reason #1. Next time I'll choose a cute, thin cotton and then use the buttons I purchased.

3. Next time around I'll plan a liner for the jacket. Either that or I'll have invested in a serger. This coat is not very pretty on the inside. A fashion design student at CSU found it really cute so I'll put that in the win column. See how the wind flapped my jacket bottom and because I had no serger, it looks messy? The solution is for me to take the time to build in a liner. Look for that post sometime next year. Ha ha....

Now for the things I love about the Mid-Town Trench:

1. I love the cut and think it is a timeless classic cut. I chose tweed because I do think it is a classic cut and tweed works well with such a cut.

2. The collar is super cute. Takes me back to the Jackie-O days. I love her coats--every one of them.

3. The length is cute. The pattern actually calls for a longer jacket and you can tell by the pattern, their jackets sit at their knees. I'm not super tall so I opted to shorten it a bit.

4. I love the pleats in the back.


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~julee~ said...

Looks great Carolyn!

Alyson McMahon said...

Carolyn, I haven't been to your blog in SO long. I've been so behind on blog reading and am so glad I came across it again. LOVE this jacket. You look adorable and it's a gorgeous jacket. Nice job!! Hope you're doing well!