Thursday, December 11, 2014

Shop Small This Season!

One of my all time favorite movies is You've Got Mail. As the years go by and I watch it again and again, the sound of dialing in via a modem and the "You've got mail" sound always make me laugh. My daughter asks me what that is and I have to explain to her that is how we once got online.

But one aspect of the movie that stands the test of time is the age-old quest for a small business owner to keep alive as the big box stores take over. I know as I write this and recall all the small stores that I love to visit that you yourself can name quite a few. There is just something about Kathleen Kelly's The Shop Around the Corner in the movie that makes you feel safe, cozy and happy. I imagine walking through New York at this time of year, chai latte in hand, strolling through that sweet shop. much better than entering a huge brand-name bookstore with its florescent lighting and hustle and bustle of mass amounts of people that makes me want to hurry up, get my books, and get the heck out of there.

My whole point is to stress that if you can, shop small this holiday season. Support your favorite small businesses--they need our support. If you can, support mom-run businesses too. There are so many crafty, wonderful moms out there doing what they can to devote some time to using their talents to create some products that will make some extra money for their family. We do it mostly because we love it. We won't retire on the money by any means but it allows us a way to keep our creativity flowing. Take some time to visit and find gifts there this season. You won't regret it because the gifts you find will be unique, special, handmade and likely one-of-a-kind.

Some of my favorite shops are The Honaker Home, Hello MayPole, Barberry and Lace, and Cinderberry Stitches to name a few. If you feel so inclined, please visit my shop too!

I love this sign:

Happy shopping!


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