Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kickstarter--Oh the adventure!

When someone suggested Kickstarter to me, my first thought was "no way, that sounds scary." I've posted links to my Kickstarter campaign on my Facebook page and Instagram feed and I figured it was about time I share about it on my blog. So click on link to view my video!

Kickstarter, if you didn't know (more on this later), is a crowd-funding web site where you post a video along with a dollar amount you'd like to raise and the reason you are trying to raise it. You offer rewards at different backer levels so as to entice people to give. If you don't meet your funding goal, you don't get any portion of the money people have backed. If you do, or even surpass it, you get that money for your specified purpose and you then have to reward your backers based on the dollar amounts they've given. Anyway, back to someone recommending it for me...I envisioned failing but not only failing but actually failing PUBLICLY. I'd much rather fail silently than in front of the world. But you know what? I really got to praying about it. Nothing worthwhile I've ever achieved just came easy and fell in my lap. So when I shifted my attitude I thought "ok, let's do this thing!"

Kickstarter encourages you to share about your campaign with every single person you come in contact with. Share, share, share. Every. Single. Person. Ugh. Not my personality. It's one thing if someone comments on the leather cuff that I'm wearing. Perfect opening. It's a whole other thing to just tell people you are trying to raise money. I was at the eye doctor today and was so close to sharing about it and giving him my card but I just couldn't do it. He's a super nice guy I enjoy chatting with him and is even a USC alumni and we talked about his kids trying to get into my kids' school and I invited he and his wife to a special night we are having at the school. So I really had an opening to just give him my card and be humble but I couldn't. I have to go back and get my lenses so maybe I'll get braver. I'm working on it....

I'm sure he wouldn't have minded and of course I would never let anyone feel pressure. It is just good experience to share about your company and product and general. I'm learning that people don't really understand what Kickstarter is and when you share it with them they are so congratulatory and excited for you without knowing that they can actually help you. I hate to say it is a generational thing but I think it is. Most people under 35 get it automatically. Anyone over that age (my MIL is an exception--yay Les!!!) doesn't understand that you are asking them to participate. But that's fine. I am just happy people are happy for me.

So I will share with you my blog followers what I'm doing because I am safe behind my computer giving you my spiel. I'm a crafty person at heart. I love to create. It makes me happy. I love thinking of new things to create and building upon current designs. I love hearing people tell me how much they love their sweet cuffs and what an encouragement they are to them. I feel like I've found my thing. This is a corny story but my dad would make leather goods as a kid. I remember his leather tools in his rolltop desk. His family would make fun of him--this little boy making leather accessories and selling them. Oh how I wish I had his tools today. When he tells me his leather stories I laugh because it makes sense why I love working with these leather cuffs and bracelets so much! It's just, well, fun. Each cuff is different and has a different sentiment. Also, I've met people who have very sentimental items of their loved ones--belts, straps--who want to turn those items into a cuff they can wear to keep with them close every day. That's beyond cool.

So, I've started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $2K to grow my business so that I'll be able to advertise, take part in a popular local craft fair and increase my inventory. I offer rewards starting at the $10 level. Every little bit helps me. I have 25 days left to raise money. I'm 10% there. It's an UPHILL climb no doubt and I've shared on IG, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, email and more. I have asked my husband and friends to share my FB post. Honestly I don't know that I will hit my mark. I'm going to do my very best. I have a PR/Marketing background so believe me that the wheels in my brain are always turning. If I don't hit my mark, well, actually I'm not even going to go there. I hope you can help me either by backing me or spreading the word. Thanks for listening. If When I do hit my mark, I'm so happy to share my tips with you if you want to launch a campaign. Either way I think I have ideas and am happy to share them.

I've moved my shop to Etsy from Big Cartel. So my shop link is now here.

You can find me on Instagram @sillyhappysweet.


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