Monday, April 7, 2014

Creating a Fairy Garden/Linking up with Lily Jade for Giveaway!

It's warming up outside and that means Fairy Garden time! It seems that any nursery you go into has a whole section devoted to creating a fairy garden. They even host Fairy Garden parties, which MiniMe wants to do for her next birthday.

You can create a Fairy Garden for very little or you can go all out. It's really up to you and your budget. We spent about $75 on items for our two gardens--my daughter and I each made one. We had the pots and soil already so that was just for the little trinkets. Looking back, I actually think we could have spent way less but once you're in the nursery looking at all the little cuteness, you go crazy. After looking at some Pinterest boards, I realize there are many items you have around your home you could use--corks from wine bottles, rocks or pebbles from old fish tanks, old dollhouse furniture, tiny tea party dishes, bark from your garden, sea glass, sea shells, sand, beads and so much more--just look around!

Here is a pic of my supplies and plants before we start planting. MiniMe is planting a Fairy Garden and I am planting a Gnome Garden.

The first thing to do is to prep your pot with soil. We each have large pots that we can pull inside in the winter. Make sure if you are planting live plants that you have a hole at the bottom of your pot as well as a protective plate to prevent leaks on your carpet/wood when you pull your pot inside. We live in Colorado so we will be pulling our pots in.

Once you have your pot filled, just start creating and arranging. We kept our succulents in the center and plants that will grow more on the side so they won't take over the garden.

Here is the overview of my finished Gnome Garden and then a close up of some of the details:

And MiniMe's Fairy Garden:

Making a Fairy Garden with your daughter(s) is a fun way to spend time together. You don't even have to be a green thumb to make it work (I'm definitely not one!). Most of the plants are super hearty and it is easy enough to dig a hole and water on occasion. It will definitely get you in the mood for spring/summer!

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