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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Cute Peasant Dress

The weather here hasn't been very cooperative for taking pictures of Sophia in her new dress. And my little model isn't exactly ever in the mood. Oh well!

I used Sandi Henderson's Claire pattern. I think it came out so cute (the picture doesn't do this dress justice!). MiniMe is wearing an undershirt so it kind of detracts from the cute short sleeves. This pattern is SO easy. I am going to make her a couple more for summer minus the cute apron.

If you haven't had a look at Sandi's patterns, head on over. They're cute, easy, and Sandi is one of my favorite fabric designers ever! I wish I had used her fabric on the dress but I kind of hoarde it.

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Rachel Holloway said...

totally adorable!! (how funny we both posted a new outfit on the same day)

I hope everything has been okay...haven't heard much from you since Easter and I hope I didn't scare you away. :)

tiennie said...

She really is cute in her peasant dress! Sweet. :)