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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring, I long for you!

We had 8 inches of snow at our Estes Park cabin this past weekend. It was beautiful but I am so ready for spring. We keep getting teased with a dose of warm weather and then snow. What a weird month it has been!

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Anonymous said...

I feel ya sister. Up here in New England it isn't much better. *Sigh.*

Hold on just a few more weeks. Surely God wouldn't want us freezing in May???!!

v8grrl said...

Hey Carolyn,
you won the DVD...biggest a winner

send me your address to
mygoatgirl at yahoo dot com

i'll put it right in the mail and you may actually get it this weekend

you are close you know!

tiennie said...

Beautiful photos! I feel the same about winter/spring. I love the snow but long for the warmth! :)